Save the date: 14/11/2018 | London | 9:00am-5:00pm

(Please note: due to events outside of our control the date of this event has now moved to the 14th November 2018)

Education without Borders has quite simply set the stage and the pace for the academic sector with regards to increasing awareness, capability and best practice in travel risk management.


The Academic Sector’s
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The Royal Society London, Carlton House Terrace

Royal Society London

Our 2017 Attendees:

Education without Borders: Incident Response

Building on the success of the previous 3 years, this years ‘Education without Borders’ conference has become an experiential learning event. The day will ‘Deep Dive’ into the key phases of an incident overseas allowing you to understand exactly what would be required of you and your colleagues should you ever be found in this situation.

The Incident

A coach has crashed in a rural part of Spain.

The area is not remote but the local medical facilities cannot provide definitive levels of care. Local emergency services reach the scene quickly.

There are 2 female students onboard from the same UK university, one dies at the scene and the other is in a critical condition, needing to be moved to definitive care immediately.

The incident lifecycle.

Our day will follow 6 key 50 minutes sessions which will illustrate in granular detail the unfolding situation along its various phases. Starting with ‘At the Scene’ and culminating in the legal processes and implications one year on.

1. At the scene
2. Medical Assistance
3. Psychological Trauma Support 
4. Financial Mitigation
5. Communication: Family, Friends & the Media
6. Legal Implications

What information would flow from the scene and how quickly? How do you repatriate mortal remains? How do you understand and influence the care being given to the critically injured student? Who, how and what communication and support is being given to family, friends and the world at large. How will you manage the media and the potential damage to your reputation? And will you in the later stages be able to demonstrate a fulfilment of your institutions duty of care and best practice in your mitigation and response of and to this incident.

Join us for a day like no other and leave us more empowered to protect your students and staff overseas.

Previous Events.

2018 will be the fourth year that Travel Risk Media has hosted Education Without Borders. Previous years qualify it as the largest and most important event in Europe for travel risk professionals operating in academic circles.

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